Mother and daughter family manufactory.

We work with vegan materials

We do not use plastic (steel buckles)

We impregnate fabrics with natural materials

We also happily take individual ideas (also for kittens)

Upon request, we will engrave the name of your puppy and your contact information on the back of our steel ticket.

We are passionate creators.

Over the years, we have lived several times far away from each other, yet we have a very special bond between us and we love to work on this project together.  ROZI is the brand of our long-cherished idea, after lots of planning, trying, and searching over the last years.

Our dream was to create hand made and sustainable dog and cat accessories. Using natural materials we are providing creative and practical solutions to make walkings the best and safest as possible. 

ROZI the collie was our first inspiration. Since the beginning, we got inspired by you four-legged beauties around the globe.